What’s the value of NEXT BEST HOME?

The value of NEXT BEST HOME is to raise awareness of care options by creating a centralized, transparent, and unbiased directory of Assisted Livings communities and care homes. Just the facts, Mam. Also, for those that share images, social media links, and depth into the community and care home that is listed. Smaller residential care homes are not well known and we wanted to bring more awareness as a care option.

How do people typically find Senior Living Options?

Direct Professional Referrals, Word of mouth, Friends, Advertisements, Online Lead Generators and Local Placement Specialists.

Where can I find the all current and the most accurate list of senior communities or care homes in any community?

One source of current information should be on your state government website. Here is a link to all state government websites. https://www.usa.gov/state-governments

Here is a link as an example to find licensed homes in the state of California.

You can Download Data on this link https://www.ccld.dss.ca.gov/carefacilitysearch/ There is also the National Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) https://ltcombudsman.org/

Here is a link as an example to a specific county’s ombudsman in San Luis Obispo, California. https://ombudsmanslo.org/resources and here is a pdf downloaded from that site in September 2023 https://ombudsmanslo.org/sites/default/files/editor_uploads/files/RCFE%20List%207-15-2023.pdf

What is a local placement specialist or senior living advisor?

We don’t see it on Wikipedia so we can’t provide a clear definition. In general, both roles help guide a person or person(s) in search of senior living options that is best matched with level of need, financial budget and personal preferences. Local placement specialists generally meet with people in person and accompany them on tours to the care homes.

What are the requirements, licenses or certifications needed to be a senior advisor or local senior placement specialist?

Good question. Senior Living Advisors is a general term. Local Placement Specialists should have a business license and business insurance at a minimum.

Some specialists are CSA certified by this organization. https://www.csa.us/

National Placement and Referral Alliance https://npralliance.org/home is another organization that is bringing some structure and standards to this unregulated profession.


What do local placement agencies charge for their services? What are their fees?

In general, most online lead generators, online senior living directories and local senior placement agencies advertise as FREE services.

FREE directories, FREE senior placement and FREE advisory services.

They typically all receive a REFERRAL fee from the community or care options that they make a placement. Referral fees on average are 50%-150% of the first month rent.


These specialists have contracts in place and are ​incentivized with referral fees when a placement is made.

Do Senior Living Advisors online and local placement agencies tour you or relay all the options that match criteria or only with the contracted homes?

Our suggestion is to always obtain a list from your local Ombudsman to cover all bases.

When does it make sense to contact a local placement specialist or senior living advisor?

If and when you are seeking additional support and some assistance. Active Aging Adults researching an active senior community to age in place is very different from a responsible party making decisions when it is emotional or complicated. “Placing a loved one” is often need based and crisis driven.

How much does Assisted Living cost?

The national median cost is more than $4,500 a month.

How do you pay for Assisted Living?

Funding sources are public and private. Public sources include Medicaid, and private ones can include personal savings, Social Security benefits, pension payments, retirement account savings, and long-term care insurance. It can be a combination of sources. Financial assistance for assisted living is limited and rarely covers 100% of a senior’s costs.

What if the only source of funding is real estate but prefer not to sell?

We paired up with specialists in Real Estate industry experts to help evaluate those questions. Every situation is different.

Read this article in our blog https://nextbesthome.com/sell-home-or-convert-to-rental-property/

How does Next Best Home monetize?

We are partnered with a network of service providers that support senior living communities and care options. One of our partners is https://assistedlivingwebsites.com/