Michael Neville – The Real Estate Referral Agent

Michael Neville – The Real Estate Referral Agent


The top complaint of real estate buyers and sellers is that the agent they select does not communicate with them frequently or effectively enough, does not seem to have their best interests in mind, or some combination of both. The Referral Resource eliminates this concern by strategically matching you with a top real estate professional who will meet and exceed your expectations.

Imagine: you’ve just learned you must buy or sell a property; you are pressed to find an agent as soon as possible. Instead of blindly selecting a brokerage firm by relying on the web, random personal connections or at an open house and then just crossing your fingers that whoever you choose will do an adequate job. Alternatively imagine having a team with more than 23 years of real estate experience on your side, doing all the tricky legwork behind the agent-selection process for you. Our sole commitment at The Referral Resource is to match you with your ideal agent, someone who will be devoted to working with you attentively and enthusiastically, who can close your transaction to your specification in the most efficient yet desirable manner possible.

How do we find the best real estate professional for you? First, we arrange an in-depth teleconference or face-to-face meeting with you, where we work hard to get to know you and fully understand your market needs, your circumstances, and your expectations. We encourage open communication lines throughout the process. You are always free to call or visit us if you wish us to supply further information, add to our dialogue, or to just talk about any challenges you may be confronting during your real estate adventures. Don’t worry, we get it! And we want to help you make the best of those challenges.

Second, to make the appropriate introductions, we formulate all the information and factors you have given us then begin our research-and-vetting process to match your needs to a provider. With more than 23 years of experience working with some of the top agents locally and across the country, we already have an incredible pool of relationships in place to select from.

logo_mike_ferryIn the event we do not already have a relationship in place, we will engage the Mike Ferry Organization. The Mike Ferry Organization is the largest real estate training and coaching company in the nation. We have built a long-term mutually constructive relationship with them.


Third, when you are ready to meet with an agent in your area, we would be proud to make that introduction.

If for some reason we miss the mark on the first introduction, or you would like to speak with another agent, simply let us know and we will get to work finding someone you feel is more qualified. We will rectify the situation quickly, cheerfully, and (again) with no hidden fees or payment involved.

Two important pieces of the puzzle are that we do not ask Realtors to subscribe to our services nor do we ask them to pay us higher than industry standards when it comes to referral fees. How could we make the best, most unbiased introduction for you if some agents were paying us a subscription fee and others were not, or if we positioned ourselves with firms who were paying us higher referral fees than others? Rather, our client-oriented model ensures that you will get a completely impartial party working for you. We listen to you and your specific needs, and we get paid one way only: at the close of your transaction as a portion of the agent’s commission. Our model is, in the truest sense of the phrase, a win-win for all parties involved. In the end we believe the biggest win will be felt by you, the client.

Call or email us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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