Melissa Tierney -Certified Real Estate Planner

Melissa Tierney -Certified Real Estate Planner


As Certified Real Estate Planners we offer more options by helping our clients build, protect and transfer generational wealth through their Real Estate. Through Seminars & Strategy Sessions we educate and consult our clients and their families on investment strategies, asset performance analysis, and much more to ensure they are maximizing their real estate portfolios.

By having knowledge and being certified in 1031 Exchanges, Trusts, Probate, & Delaware Statutory Trusts, we consult our clients on methods of deferring & minimizing their capital gains taxes. We work closely with Tax Advisors, Trust & Estate Attorneys & Financial Advisors to make sure our clients build a Complete Legacy Plan that keeps their wealth within the family.

Our Monthly Educational Seminar Series covers a range of essential topics, including:

1. Senior Living Options: Understanding and Planning for your choices.

2. Future Planning and Wealth Preservation: Building, Protecting, and Transferring Wealth

3. Trustee Responsibilities: 21 Things you Need to Know, Probate & Conservatorship

4. Decluttering, Organizing & Moving: Best Practices and Available Resources

5. Legacy & Family Feud Prevention Planning: Dispute Resolution and Capital Gain Tax Strategies


Certified Real Estate Planner

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