Jennifer Rogak, LCSW-R – Long Term Care Insurance Claim Advocate

Jennifer Rogak, LCSW-R – Long Term Care Insurance Claim Advocate


I have over 29 years of experience working in various facets of the healthcare arena, including hospitals, dialysis centers, and homecare settings. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed the limitations of Medicare and traditional insurance when it comes to addressing long term care needs. Recognizing the importance of proactive planning, I delved into the realm of long term care insurance early on.

Taking my dedication a step further, I pursued education and obtained my accident and life insurance license with the intention of selling long term care insurance. However, fate led me down a different path. Instead of selling policies, I’ve utilized my expertise to assist numerous clients, families, and even attorneys in navigating the complexities of long term care insurance.

My approach is grounded in optimism, but also in the firm belief that knowledge is power. I consistently emphasize to clients and families the importance of understanding their policy benefits and eligibility criteria in detail. The nuanced and sometimes ambiguous language used in insurance policies can be daunting, but it’s crucial to decipher it thoroughly.

Moreover, I stress the significance of upfront comprehension of the criteria for eligible and reimbursable care providers under long term care insurance. Documentation plays a pivotal role in every scenario, as discrepancies between the care plan and policy terms can lead to coverage issues, even in cases where assisted living or specific diagnoses are involved.

Unfortunately, navigating the claims process with long term care insurance providers can often be arduous. Despite approving claims, insurers may subject individuals to tedious procedures, inadvertently prolonging the time it takes for them to receive payments.

Through my advocacy and expertise, I strive to empower individuals to navigate the long term care insurance landscape with confidence and clarity. By equipping them with knowledge and guiding them through the intricacies of their policies, I aim to alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with accessing the care they need.

Some of the ways I can assist:

  • Individually review your policy to help you understand your benefits
  • Clarification of waiting periods and types of agencies that need to be utilized
  • Review of your individual health situation to ensure that you will qualify based on LTC triggers
  • Assistance with claim initiation and submission of documents
  • Communication with MD and health care providers to accurately complete needed paperwork to complete claims submission
  • Assessment and coordination of needed care and services
  • Advocacy and appeal if needed
  • Ongoing Care Advisement to insure continuity of benefits
  • Ongoing submission of bills from agencies to ensure timely reimbursement from LTC insurance

Some policies may have a Care Advisor benefit built in and will reimburse you for my service.


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