innerhive – Care Giver Resources

innerhive – Care Giver Resources


Designed for families and care teams, the Innerhive app serves as a central hub of caregiving tools, resources, and community. The Innerhive team believes that healthy caregiving starts with healthy caregivers, which is why they are on a mission to end caregiver burnout.

From daily routines, to advance life planning, Innerhive aims to save caregivers valuable time and energy by making it easy to organize all aspects of care. The Innerhive app allows families, care recipients, and caregivers to build care maps that visualize all the people and places involved in their care. These maps can be used to track key contact info, store important care documents and notes, manage appointment calendars, and share it all with those they trust to lighten the caregiving load.

In addition to streamlining care, Innerhive wants to hear from you and others who are navigating the journey of care. They want to learn which features are most helpful, what’s missing, and how to make the app even better for you, your care team, and those you manage care for!

Visit www.innerhive.com to download and start using Innerhive for free today, and, for a limited time, those who sign-up can receive a free month trial of Innerhive Plus; the ultimate caregiving partner with access to even more new and exclusive features!

Follow these directions below to redeem your free Innerhive Plus trial: free Innerhive Plus trial

As you use the app, be sure to share your feedback in the following survey, or reach out to the Innerhive team via the in-app chat or email hello@innerhive.com with any thoughts and questions!


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