Next Best Home is a creation of an advisory group of experienced professionals simplifying the search for Assisted Living and housing options that are available in a specific community. Our goal is to assist the search process, empower others in their search to find the Next Best Home quickly and make it easy to access direct communication between the searcher and the Assisted Living community.

The motivation for Next Best Home is:

  • To educate the general public of senior care housing options in a specific community.
  • To create transparency in vacancies for Assisted Living options which include smaller home settings, often referred to as Board and Cares/6Beds.
  • Assisted Living communities and smaller residential care homes are often dependent on online lead generation and local placement agencies that funnel referrals for a brokerage fee to the communities. These online sources and agencies are free tools and resources to those that are researching placement. Although these brokers can sometimes overwhelm seniors, adult children, and professionals with too much information and may lack filtering options. It also limits or delays direct access to community contacts.
  • Support options and referrals for local professionals to assist with residential real estate lending, sales, or ongoing property management for rental income to support funding for Assisted Living.

Jessica Solomon

CEO - Industry Expert

Trygve Duryea

Chief Knowledge Officer

Wayne Langley

Marketing and Innovation Advisor

Jacob Tell

Brand Strategist

Robert Curtis

Strategy Advisor and Legal Expert

Brandon Scott

Creative Engineer